First Impressions: Subnautica (2018)

After discovering Unknown World’s Subnautica on Xbox’s Game Pass, I quickly set about diving into the madness head-first with a daring playthrough on Survival Mode. After approximately one hour of play, there is no doubt about the fact that I would 100% perish on planet 4546B.

Quest Notes: I

In the name of research, I’ve decided to dedicate a section of my blog to my virtual adventures in virtual reality. This section will note my findings while using the Oculus Quest. Here is my first rapidly-written notes discovered the day after scrawling them on my whiteboard immediately after pulling the HMD off. I’m not…

Oculus Quest: First Impressions

Since Facebook’s multi-billion dollar purchase of Oculus in March 2014, it is clear that their ultimate goal has been to make virtual reality a common household technology, much like consoles and smartphones. “Their main goal has been simplicity; their first generation devices catered to the PC and mobile markets with the original Oculus Rift and…

Xbox Gold Must-Haves: NHL 19

I love the NHL. I’ve been a dedicated supporter of the Chicago Blackhawks for some time now. That love, I have to admit, started out with I first picked up a copy of 2K Sports’ NHL 2K8. I’d seen The Mighty Ducks films before, sure, and was vaguely aware of ice hockey as a sport….