The Lament of a First-Year PhD Student

As I near the end of my first year, I reflect on the realities of being a PhD student. Expect brutal honesty and stream-of-consciousness grumbling.

Get To Know Me Tag: 15 More Questions About Gecko

Hey! I trust you are having a fabulous Wednesday. Can you believe it’s August already? Today I’ve decided to do, yet another Get To Know Me Tag. I’ve attempted these before and, to be quite honest, I enjoy working through them when I’m afflicted by my old faithful writer’s block (or is it blogger’s block?). What…

Is This Thing On?

An honest update on my PhD, life and a personal attempt at pulling myself together through mental kintsukuroi.

Gecko on Games: 30 Questions Answered

To give you a little more insight into my gaming ‘career’, I’ve answered 30 questions about video games. A nice little nostalgia-trip for me, another gaming-related post for you. Hopefully it justifies my position as a ‘game blogger’ a little more; I definitely feel like an imposter who knows about as much as Jon Snow…

Get To Know Me (2019 Edition)

Since I am new to blogging regularly I thought it would be fun (and shockingly introspective) to do a ‘get to know me’, meet-the-blogger type post. Here are 50 questions (yes, 50 – I couldn’t quite believe it myself) about me, which I hope will give you a better picture of who I am. 1….