On this page, I’ll keep you up-to-date with my research.

My project revolves around video gaming in everyday lives, taking a phenomenological approach. I’ll link all relevant posts right here.

A History of Immersive Video Game Technologies

Providing the historical contect of immersive technologies for my thesis. Working through the arcades to our living rooms today, this chapter will prove a relatively brief, chronological account.

The Player-Conduit and Immersion Phenomenon

To be confirmed.

The Geography of a Virtual World and the Constitution of Space.

To be confirmed.

VR and the Pursuit of True Immersion

To be confirmed.

The Phenomenology of Play

To demonstrate a phenomenological analysis of the experience of playing a video game. This will take into account temporal, spatial and self-awareness as well as embodied action, linguistic activity and everyday activity in our surrounding world.

Habitual Play

To be confirmed.

Player Interaction and VR Technologies

To be confirmed.

This is very much a work in progress, as all theses are. I look forward to seeing where my research takes me.

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