Daily XP

This is what I get up to outside of research.

From baking, photography and drawing, I’ll do anything to get out of doing my research. While procrastination is not always a good thing, getting out and enriching your life is. This is where I share my life outside of the PhD… and where I gain the most XP during the day!


From my film student days, I’ve always loved capturing moments. There’s nothing better than stumbling across old photos and reliving those memories.

I currently own a Fuji X10 and love taking it out into the world. Once I get to grips with it, I’m hoping to upgrade to something more powerful.


I love the joy of flinging ingredients together and creating something delicious… though not always. This is definitely a collection of the triumphs that were photogenic enough to grace social media!


Following my GCSE Art days, I’ll sometimes share one of my weekly doodles. As you can see, inspiration comes in many forms!

I’m not an artist, but I do enjoy drawing so if I’m feeling brave I’ll share them to my Instagram.

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