About Gecko

The site:

I’m sure we’ve all had that fantasy of opening a bar or a café; the romantic notion of starting a company from the ground up. Having studied the film industry, my daydream primarily revolved around opening a production company called The Raving Gecko… evidently, the name also works for a blog.

If you have to ask for a reason, I guess it’s a quirky reminder that we must always try and find the time to dance, or rave, regardless of what we’re doing in life. Y’know… ‘be more Gecko’.

Needless to say, the purpose of this site is to discuss, explore and appreciate the good things in life.

About me:

Unsure of what to study at the end of my school years, I stumbled into Film as I chose to focus my studies on something that I enjoyed. For the duration of my Bachelor and Masters degrees, I’ve dabbled in screenwriting, film-making, cultural studies and national cinema but that is where my limited experience in the field ends.

I’m a researcher at heart and so my goal is to study a PhD in Digital Media in the near future.

Sic parvis magna.