How is it that, on one day, we can witness people putting their very lives on the line to protest their fundamental human rights, while the very next others are queuing, in the midst of a pandemic, to get into shopping centres or the local McDonald’s that has just reopened, like their lives depend on it?

What part of this is okay?

Our priorities are not in the right place… and they never have been.

People treating other human beings differently because of the colour of their skin, or their heritage… is absolutely wrong.

Letting this happen, on a daily basis, however, is worse.

We need to do better.

I need to do better.

Black lives matter.

In this day and age, we shouldn’t have to be saying that.

Just know that I’m educating myself and I’m trying to be a better ally.

Where I once may have stood silent before, too afraid to intervene, I will speak out when I see something that is wrong.

I swear that to you.




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