Quest Notes III

Quest Notes from 22/01/20

Oculus Hand-tracking is awesome. It really invokes those Minority Report* vibes. The hand motions take some getting used to once you’ve put the controllers down, but it’s a fun learning process.

Oculus Home environment update is most welcome – I’m loving my ski chalet environment at the moment and feel pretty darn relaxed in there.

Beat Saber is still a firm favourite – 90 degree and 360 degree levels are super fun and really good for that all-rounded VR-based workout.

Oculus Achievements bring this version up to the level of PSVR. I am reluctant, however, to re-purchase packs that I’ve already purchased on PSVR

Pistol Whip: the unstoppable action-rhythm FPS… a must try.

Pistol Whip continues to be awesome – highly recommended for those yet to try. The beat-based arcade shooting gallery is well-designed and the movements it encourages are straight out of The Matrix… and we really need more of that in VR 😉

Real VR Fishing – an unexpected triumph. It’s relaxing, immersive and fun. I did not ever expect to like a fishing game as much as this, but I continue to be surprised!

Ever since my nausea-filled venture into Journey of the Gods (without teleporting), I haven’t experienced motion sickness to that degree again. I think repeated exposure to the VR environment trains the brain with each play session – I may give JotG another shot soon… with caution.

So far, I’m really enjoying the Quest experience as a whole. You can tell that Oculus and game developers are working together to create memorable experiences as everyone, players included, push the boundaries of what this new medium can deliver.

Until next time!

*Edited due to a careless mix up regarding Mission Impossible and Minority Report. Forgive me!

2 replies to “Quest Notes III

  1. Great piece. I used to get really bad motion sickness when playing on PSVR, used to have to stop playing for at least that day, gradually as I got, more used to playing in VR the motion sickness got better and really cleared up when I started drinking water, every time I felt unwell. A quick drink of water might help you too

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    1. That’s great advice and something I’ll definitely try when I next play a motion-based game, thank you! I hope your VR adventures are no longer affected by motion sickness!

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