Blog Updates

On a lighter note, now that I’ve got my cathartic post out of the way, here’s some updates on Gecko!

Deactivated Twitter – I’ve redirected Gecko’s Twitter updates onto my own personal account. I was getting my pages mixed up and, as I couldn’t post as often as I’d like to have, it seems like the sensible option.

Goodbye @TheRavingGecko, hello @CaraBrander!

Facebook Page – We actually have increased engagement! The page has always been full of memes and posts from multiple sources. It’s used more as a social space, it’s easier to share things without feeling obliged to write a whole post. On the whole, it is staying as-is for the time being! Feel free to follow at:

Instagram – Forever the home of my gaming screenshots, I’ll admit there have not been many posts as of late. I’m looking to increase that soon as I get stuck into more of what Xbox has to offer. Look out for new posts at:

Suggestions – As always, suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Leave a comment below if you’re missing something from the blog or wish to see a new feature.