Quest Notes: II

Quest Notes from 02/10/19

  • Journey of the Gods: First impressions are amazing, tutorial was awesome.

The lack of teleporting in this game absolutely floored me for 20 minutes. My head was spinning; I literally had to sit before I fell down. The only other game that has had this effect has been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Luge on PSVR… which I now realise was caused by the same thing.

After a brief bit of research, I discovered that the brain can’t fully process physically sitting/standing still and virtually flying around in VR simultaneously… without practice. In some users, particularly those prone to motion sickness, this causes a temporary, yet debilitating, brain meltdown – complete with cold sweats, nausea and that awesome faint feeling.

Yay, VR! My brain has started pre-empting this feeling by slapping me with a wave of nausea every time I pop the Quest headset on. I’m hoping this passes with perseverance and continued use!