Quest Notes: I

In the name of research, I’ve decided to dedicate a section of my blog to my virtual adventures in virtual reality. This section will note my findings while using the Oculus Quest. Here is my first rapidly-written notes discovered the day after scrawling them on my whiteboard immediately after pulling the HMD off.

I’m not sure how interesting this will be for you, dear reader, but if you have similar experiences, suggestions or personal VR anecdotes I’d love to hear them!

Happy Friday!

Quest Notes from 30/09/19

  • Awesome experiences, especially ‘Notes on Blindness‘.
  • Bogo cool but needs A LOT of space. (I found myself trying to pick apples out of my wardrobe and tripping over my bed a lot with this late-night discovery.)
  • MelodyVR concert app is okay but features low quality on the free concerts. I felt like I floating nearby on the stage – not the ideal concert experience! It has potential, however.
  • Netflix log cabin experience is fantastic… if a little The Shining when the lights turn out and you start watching your chosen show. Very good integration of app and VR.
  • Amazon’s Prime Video VR experience similarly well-integrated. It is a comfortable experience that could become a common way of watching shows/360 videos within the Quest headset.
  • Personally, some discomfort felt with prolonged use & focus deteriorated with tiredness.

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