The Leveraged PhD – Social Media Challenge

Hello, lovely readers.

Although I’m a little late to this party, I’ve joined an amazing social media challenge ran by the incredible Melanie over at The Leveraged PhD.

You can check out my latest posts on my Instagram.

Here’s a snippet from the first post:

“This month I’ll be joining the #TheLeveragedPhD Social Media Challenge. 
Every day, I’ll be following a prompt, sharing a little bit about me and my research and (hopefully) making some great connections along the way!

#ThisIsMe 🇬🇧 My name is Cara and I’m from the North East of England. I love to travel, meet new people and learn about their stories. I’m also an eternal optimist who likes to see the bright side of everything… which comes in handy during those tough times!

I’m very much at the beginning of my #PhD journey but I’m looking forward to the behemoth challenge that lies ahead.

I have a BA in Film & Media from the #UniversityofSunderland. After much deliberation, I stayed on for another year and completed a MA in Film and Cultural Studies. From there, I took a year out, embarked on a few life-changing adventures and tried to figure out where my life was headed. 
Turns out, academia was exactly where I wanted to be. Since that epiphany, I decided to stay on #UoS and take on a PhD program in Media and Communications. 

My interests lie, mainly, in phenomenology, virtual realities and quotidian cultures. I’m intrigued by digital anthropology and seek to understand how our fascination with technology and video games is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. This has led to research in my field of media, as well as pyschology, sociology and cognitive science. It’s amazing how something that was once considered nothing more than a past time is now becoming a well-established field of academic study that poses interesting questions of technology use and culture

#ThisAcademicLife To be honest, I’ve had quite the rocky start to it all! I’m currently in between supervisors and left to roam the wilds of academia without much guidance. I’ve joined this challenge in order to learn from all of you amazing researchers who have tackled this first hurdle, the dreaded #impostersyndrome, and are well-established on their PhD journey! 

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