Old School Gaming: Nostalgia and RuneScape

To set the scene, I’d logged onto RuneScape 3 last month or so to see what Jagex were up to with their latest updates.

For a moment, I was enticed by the shiny new look of RS3 and its few new skills. The armour looks fantastic and the customising is great. It seemed to be lacking something, though. There was something not quite right: skilling was too efficient, I had made 2 million within a few days by selling some silverhawk something-or-other that I’d got from those pop-up treasure chests you get when logging in.

I’d been toying with the idea of logging into Old School Runescape for a while. After all, it was my childhood revived, so it’d have been a shame to not give it a go. It was mainly the thought of starting over that had put me off. Regardless, it didn’t take much convincing to create a shiny-new Tipsy Mojito account and I was soon tackling the mundanity of Tutorial Island once more. While I’m still miffed about losing access to my old account, CamoGirl 2 (RIP), I was instantly enthralled with Old School, mainly because absolutely nothing had changed.

“I’m trying to fish, goddamnit!”

The charming polygonal look and tinny (yet, legendary) music was still in place; the toll charge on the Al-Kharid gate was reinstalled and the classic quests were right where I left them. Dabbling in Old School feels a lot like taking a step back in time. It’s also available for download on iOS and Android, now, so you can continue your questing on-the-go if you so desire. This mobile-integration primarily means that the Grand Exchange is newly populated with people offering ‘free cash’, buying a ‘gf’ and hosting infamous ‘500m drop’ parties.

While the wretched hive of scamming and villainy may have resurfaced, I do believe it’s a lot of similarly-aged 24 year-old’s reliving their own childhood through Old School Runescape. Taking up their old mantles and dwelling in a world of nostalgia because, quite frankly, they can.

Long live, Old School!

Nostalgia is where it’s at. It’s also here, at: https://oldschool.runescape.com/ if you want to see what all the fuss is about. Or just search in your app store of choice!

Do you have a beloved childhood game that you find yourself remembering fondly? In the age of remasters and mobile gaming, it’s worth searching them out.

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