Hello, and welcome to The Raving Gecko 2.0!

This post is a little introduction to me, Gecko and the new site. I’m Cara and I started blogging in 2016 with The Raving Gecko. I was a newbie blogger and relatively overwhelmed by the whole format, concept and everything that goes along with it, to be quite honest.

The Raving Gecko initially started out as a film blog. At the time, I was an active film student at university and very much planning to pursue Film as a career. Following a number of enlightened epiphanies, lifestyle changes and renewed aspirations, I now find myself at the University of Sunderland for a FIFTH year as I embark on a new adventure – a PhD. My research revolves around video games and their integration into our everyday lives; naturally, I hope that the blog can benefit from this new direction as I genuinely believe video games are becoming more influential and worthy of discussion.

My feeling is that the original Gecko has suffered from my naivety and lack of direction in its posting. For that reason, I’ve decided to restart the blog under a new, yet rather familiar name. Without much further ado, I sincerely hope you enjoy my ravings.

Feel free to check out the new site and let me know what you think of it.