2019: The Gaming Impasse

The Teslasuit, a full body virtual reality haptic suit. Is this our future tech?https://www.teslarati.com/teslasuit-virtual-reality-haptic-smart-suit-ai/

We seem to be at a checkmate of sorts within the gaming community.

The once-prevalent buzz of anticipation that surrounded new releases, technologies and projects has dwindled in the new year. Gaming technologies have peaked; gamers and consumers alike await an almost inconceivable new generation – only realised through rumours and leaked patents of future technology.

The real question is, how much further could our current technologies take us?

The Nintendo Switch, for example, is a marvel in terms of its portability, capability and variety in its games. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are a pair of entertainment powerhouses that each represent the pinnacle of Sony and Microsoft’s respective gaming successes – whether it be their seamless integration with 4K display technology, well-maintained and curated online gaming communities, or simply the sheer beauty of the games that they showcase.

We’ve hit a point in gaming technology where it can’t, really, get any better. It can’t evolve past its current state without a complete reimagination. Sure, there’s virtual reality and an increase in haptic technologies with an aim to streamline the gaming experience. As this technology stands, however, it’s only just become more widely available and accessible to the everyday gamer.

With these technologies, however, how could they progress much further beyond what already exists? Are we striving towards a hyper-realistic game environment that we can barely tell apart from the real world? Perhaps, we subconsciously long for a more augmented experience where we are physically present in the games themselves?

I don’t know what the future holds; only time will tell where technology will lead us. It’s both exciting and incomprehensible to imagine.

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