New Year, New Goals

Instead of reflecting on a rather quiet, uneventful, year on The Raving Gecko, I’m going to simply look ahead to the future.

Much like my own personal goals for the year ahead, I’m not starting off 2019 with grandiose ideas of radical, life-changing habits or declarations of ten-posts-a-month that, naturally, will not come to fruition.

While I’d love to dedicate more time to this space, life happens, things get in the way and for you, the reader, I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

However, that’s not to say that I don’t have grand plans and dreams for this blog that could eventually happen. I’ve listed a few below.


Realistic things to work towards

    Regular posting
    Wider social media coverage
    More views and page interaction (as a result of better content)


In my wildest dreams, these would come true

    An active Gecko following
    The Raving Gecko becomes a recognised online source of media content
    Merchandise (I mean, this is the dreams section). Gecko would look great on a T-Shirt, right?
    Finally (before I go on all day), the ability to quit my job and work on Gecko full-time.

I can hear you rolling your eyes from here, y’know.

Sure, the above dreams may never happen, however, the goals section could. For me, that’s a good enough place to start.

As always, please keep in touch with any ideas, advice or criticism, follow Gecko on social media, and you may actually live to witness a new year bring about a new Gecko.

Miracles can happen.

Peace and love x

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