The Final Curtain

Loyal readers,

Thank you for being a part of this experience. Recently, I have started a new job; I start my first phase of training next month – undoubtedly a life-changing experience that I’m sure I won’t be able to resist talking about on FB.

Unfortunately, as I lack a DeLorean, Time-Turner or Tardis, I simply do not have the time to write a blog. Do not fear, I will still update the Facebook page whenever I find something awesome that I think you will like, I promise.

Perhaps, from time to time, I’ll even write a one-off, too.

Alas, for now, The Raving Gecko is temporarily retired.

Feel free to still visit the site, 47 posts are still live and available to read and, as always, the Facebook page is yours to like, tag and comment as much as you like.

One last thing…

Thank You

I couldn’t have done it without you all.

Peace and love,


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