Goodbye January Blues

We’ve made it: January is over. From inaugurations, Brexit and January blues, we’ve made it through the first month of 2017.

I find that January has a lot of unwanted expectation attached to it. The whole ‘new year, new me’ ideology unwittingly permeates our every move within the first month of the year.

We’re full of good intentions, it’s hard not to be. Gym memberships, Nutribullets and Fitbits are everywhere, repeatedly reminding us that we really should rethink our post-Christmas lifestyle habits.

As far as advertised ideals go, nothing about a cold, miserable winter’s day encourages me to pull on a pair of running leggings and go for a jog; nothing about steamed vegetables and rye bread will revitalise my soul enough to renounce my January blues.

For the whole of this month, I’ve taken every opportunity possible to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy. 

Quite frankly, I regret nothing.

February, however, is one step closer to better weather, longer nights and the prospect of spring on the horizon.

While cold nights and darker days are charming in the run up to Christmas, once the festivities have passed, there’s simply nothing to yield from them – except an excuse to hibernate, of course.


The thing about living in the North East of England is that, when it comes to weather, you have to make the most of it.

Unfortunately, the British Isles don’t afford us many opportunities to make the most of. I swear we’re all high-risk victims of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), merely because of the rough hand we’ve been dealt in living here.

Even our daytime TV schedule is filled with the likes of A Place in the Sun, Wanted Down Under and various other snapshots into living abroad. We can all dream, right?

As February is the shortest month, it will be Spring before we know it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing the year away, but psychologically, ‘surviving’ winter does a lot for your mood.

Forget January, we’ve made it through the New Year slump.

I found this today:


I’m inclined to agree.

Let’s walk into February with our heads held high; we’ve survived January, things can only get better.

Pay no notice to the adverts, promoting what companies think you want, take a moment for yourself and consider what you want to get out of 2017.

“Carpe diem, how annoying is carpe diem?  How are you supposed to plan a life, a career, a family, if you’re always carpe-ing the diem?  You gotta live life and living means that every morning when you wake up you have a choice.

Between seizing what life offers in the moment and forging ahead no matter the weather or closing the curtains and shutting out the day.”– Meredith Grey

Roll on February.

Thanks for reading, you’re awesome.

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