It’s Black Friday… “Act Accordingly”

I’ve just received my umpteenth email regarding the Black Friday sales; sent from eBay, the email was headed with: “It’s Black Friday, Cara. Act Accordingly.”

This surprised me.

Today our inboxes are saturated with messages, goading us into spending money that most of us don’t have this time of year. What amazed me was the fact that message entirely dispelled the illusion of it being a holiday event, and admitted to that fact that it’s a social practice that we ‘must’, according to eBay at least, adhere to.

First of all, Black Friday is an American tradition: since 1932, the Friday following Thanksgiving has marked the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In the US, a lot of people have the day off, making it a four-day weekend and a, supposed, great shopping opportunity.

It didn’t take long for the event to take over UK high streets. Personally? I simply don’t agree with it. The queuing in the cold, early hours of the morning? The unnecessary spending on things we don’t need? The fighting?

Avoid the brawls, shop online.

No, thank you.

Prior to 2010, Brits typically shook  their heads and despaired at the annual scenes of Americans fighting over cut-price televisions and knock-down handbags. Then, thanks to the online shopping revolution and the rise of multinational retailers we decided to get in on the act.

In 2010, online retail giant Amazon introduced the concept to the UK, and Asda, owned by America’s biggest retailer Walmart, followed suit in 2013. It was then that the phenomenon took off in full force.

These days, it’s a slightly more civilised and predominantly online affair as people choose to shop from the comfort of their armchairs.

While I’m happy to avoid the manic sales, I don’t agree with the bombardment of emails and social media advertising trying to convince me that I need to spend money; because they’re cleverly engineered and no-doubt written by those versed in the art of subliminal messages, I’d probably end up spending if I came into contact with enough of them.

If you’ve been waiting to buy a certain product, by all means, this time of the year is undoubtedly the best time to get a great deal.Nevertheless, don’t let the companies and corporations dictate to you when you need to spend your money.

Have fun out there:

What a time to be alive.
Thanks for reading.

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